We’ve done it! 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade win the Grand Finals


BRING OUT YOUR BROOMS! The men of Green & Gold have done it, taking out ALL THREE Premierships.

The trophy cabinet will now be filled with the Walker Cup, the Grose Cup, the McClean Cup, as well as the 4th Division Premiership Shield, AND we currently sit on top of the ladder for the Cowboy Cup for best overall club in all Subbies Divisions… To be confirmed soon (fingers crossed).

And now let the celebrations begin!


3rd Grade pipped out Canterbury with a close win of 18-12 to take out the Walker Cup

2nd Grade was close again, but Beecroft proved too strong for the Irish  taking home the Grose Cup after a 13-8 victory.

1st Grade was a higher scoring game, ending at 40-28 for Beecroft to secure the McClean Cup, making a nice set of three trophies!


See everyone this Saturday for our Presentation night at the Hillside Hotel! We’ve got a lot of celebrating to do

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