Legends Game – 17th October


The game of games is drawing near,
Where Young Guns roar and Cronies fear
The smashing pain, they’ll leave in tears,
As the Young Guns, victorious, leave to cheers.

The gloves are already off, with both teams being finalised and some clear disparity visible in the selections, namely in the number of substitutes allocated to the Under 30’s (It seems the Cronies add a new rule every year to ensure the level playing field slopes in their direction).

The Young Guns have some new fresh faces that will surely help them as they strive to break the drought imposed upon them by the ageing rule-makers, although it should be mentioned that Mike Daff, who took home the Club Player of the Year this season with his brother Chris, has recently ticked over to senility so we can expect a great game this year.

Legends Game Teamsheets 2015

With last years game being won by the Cronies on the buzzer this will surely be another epic battle. So make sure you get down to watch the Young Guns take it home to end the 2015 season.

Kick off: 3:00pm, Saturday 17th Oct
TG Milner Oval, Vimiera Rd, Marsfield