End of Season Weekend Away


It’ll be “Hollywood on the Gold Coast” party time when Beecroft Rugby Club hits up the land of  Warner Bros. Movie World for our end of season weekend away! The Gold Coast Sevens will be our theme park instead though… Think more alcohol and less little kids running around. Yeah, we know you’ll like it.

The trip will take place the weekend of October 13th & 14th, departing the night of Friday the 12th, and returning on the Sunday evening.

“How do I guarantee myself a ticket to this weekend of downright awesomeness?!” we hear you say. Well, we’re glad you asked…

To secure your spot, a deposit of $200 must be made to Beecroft Rugby Club, either by cash or Direct Deposit, by July 31st. Tickets for the Rugby Sevens go on sale on the 16th (NEXT MONDAY), at which time we will be purchasing a block of tickets for all who have paid deposits. After that, no guarantees can be made that you will get a ticket for the event… Of course, no tickets are needed for the bars or clubs we’ll be hitting up afterwards, so you’ll still be amongst it!


Bank details are:

Acc. Name: Beecroft Rugby Club

BSB: 082 330

Acc: 03 951 1297


The 31st will be upon us VERY soon, so get cracking.

Of course, we want as many of us as possible to get there. If you’re not sure if you can get the money by the 16th, but know you’re a definite to come, email Jimmy Ashwood – james_ashwood@hotmail.com or speak to him or Milney at training on Wednesday.

Do what you need to do (except stealing from your grandmother), and let’s get ready for a weekend to remember! As Boobs said, “All you need to do is find the right woman to get Wet ‘n’ Wild”.