Club Coach’s Message


To all players, coaches and club officials, after spending quite a long time selecting teams for this Saturday to play nine (9) Grade halves including an Under 85 kg half and three (3) Colt halves we have had to re-do the selections as Hunters Hill does not have 1st Grade players involved in its Under 85 kg team and there was some movement in regard to the timing of the matches.

The changes to the schedule has required Gregg Levett, our Club Selector, to re-shuffle a number of the teams so as to give everyone as best a run as we can but alas, it might not be as perfect as we would like.

As this is only our first trial and players are still turning up for their first training session, it may be difficult to fit all those late comers into a match. For that I apologise, but we will be doing our best in the coming weeks to ensure that all players where possible, are accommodated, and that we can get you a run in your preferred position.

This year’s pre season has been made a bit more difficult due to the time spent with our New Zealand Under 85 kg touring side, but I shall endeavour to explain more about this to you at our gradings day on Sunday 28th March at the Epping Hotel.

The long and short of it is, I beg you all to bear with us and don’t take our gradings as set in concrete. We will be still making selections for the first half dozen games or so, so don’t “spit the dummy” if you don’t make the slot that you have got your heart set on for the first couple of weeks. We will always try to play people where they are best suited.

To this end, everyone that comes to play at Beecroft Rugby Club will hopefully understand, that for it all to work fairly you will be expected to play where selected. By that I mean please don’t ask to play in a particular grade to be with “your mates”, everyone at Beecroft Rugby is your mate.

In recent years we have witnessed very professional clubs, all with access to huge player resources, find 1st division to tough. What we have at achieved at Beecroft in the past few years is nothing short of spectacular and I am confident that this year is going to be one of the truly great years, being talked about for many years to come and will remain a high point for all those involved.

Good luck to all.

Steve Broughton-Rouse.
Club Coach.