Club Coach’s Christmas Message


Well here we are again, the end of another year with 2011 almost upon us. May I take this opportunity to thank the committee for their faith in me for another season in our quest for the elusive Kentwell Cup.

Whilst I realise the temptations are great over the festive season I would ask that you try not to over indulge too much. I am the last one to put a downer on Christmas but as we will be starting pre-season training on the 19th January; you may wish you had shown some restraint.

Next season promises to be another tough but exciting one. Maintaining our spot in first division we will once again enjoy playing rugby against some of the codes best clubs, at some of the most historic grounds and refereed by hopefully, some of the best whistle blowers in the game. (I know the last ones a bit of a stretch).

Fitness must start and finish with you, the players. As an amateur club, we lack the time and space to invest an enormous amount of it, to getting you fit. I am therefore very pleased to hear that quite a few of you have already begun your own fitness regime for next year. A little bit of pain now will make a huge difference when the serious training starts.

Speaking of pain. Anyone who missed a game or two through injury or carried a niggling hurt of some kind should take the opportunity to get it seen to during the off season. If you don’t, it may only come back and you may make it worse.

Enjoy the break, have a very “Merry Christmas”, a happy and safe New Year and I look forward to seeing you all “on the paddock” in 2011.

In Rugby,

Steve Broughton-Rouse (Life Member)