Bring on 2010, Club Coach’s message


First let me wish all the players, coaches and committee a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year. For a look to the year to come, I would hope that amongst all the celebration and no doubt (over) indulgence we can all spare the odd moment to ponder our part to be played in what I feel will be a defining year in  the clubs relatively short history.

Gaining re-entry into first division in 2008, then consolidating our roll as a top 1st division club this year has not been an accident. The input by all, throughout the club, both on and off the field is a credit to each and every one of you. The skill and commitment, then willingness to back up by countless players when required, coupled with the stirling effort by your young committee and the tireless effort by all on game days is an inspiration to all and no doubt the envy of other clubs.

So, towards 2010 then, what do we hope to achieve.

For my part, no rash promises, for all too often they are doomed to failure. 

I do think the club however is poised for a truly remarkable year.

To kick the year off with the tour of a lifetime will be a highlight for all of us. Never before has a Subbies club been invited to tour in such an historic fashion. The team to play in New Zealand and all those fortunate enough to be a part of the tour will be setting a precedent that other clubs, of any level, can only dream about.

Having had a couple of training runs we have seen nearly all the players who have indicated a desire to play and will be posting a tentative squad, subject to each individuals ability to get leave and find the required deposit, before years end. More players will be named, as required, and when we get a firm commitment from those selected.

Two full club trials will be played prior to the NZ Tour versus Hunters Hill and Kings and the season begins the week after we get home from New Zealand so it will be a very busy start to the season. As usual I won’t be spending a lot of our valuable time at training working on YOUR fitness. Do yourselves a favour, turn up having done a bit of work and then continue to keep yourself fit so we can concentrate on drills and skills.

Have a great holiday, be sensible, and come back in one piece.

Pre season begins Wednesday, January 26th.

Steve Broughton Rouse.
Club Coach

P.S. Congratulations to Tim MacRae and Angus Lumsden who have just achieved their S.L.S.A Bronze Medallions, after a 10 week course at Bilgola Surf Club. (That’s 2 guys who don’t have to worry about their fitness). Well done lads I’m very proud of you both.