85 kg Touring Team to New Zealand 2009


In March 2009 Beecroft Rugby Club will embark on a historical tour to New Zealand at the invitation of the New Zealand Barbarians a copy of which is attached. This most prestigious invitation indeed and one that we as a club should feel very pleased and proud to have received. The tour, which will depart for Auckland on Monday 29th March, will include two (2) matches with the first on Wednesday 31st March and the second on Saturday 3rd April.

The game of “Under 85 kg” or as it is called in New Zealand “Middleweight’ has only been played in Australia for approximately four years but has a far longer history in New Zealand and I have attached for you a history of the Under 85 kg concept. A large number of players have indicated their willingness to participate in the tour and to that end two (2) training sessions were recently undertaken with those players.

At this stage a touring team squad of twenty-four (24) players has been selected to tour and should the need arise that squad can be enlarged. Unfortunately, a number of the players who wished to participate in the squad were outside the required weight limit for the tour and could not be considered. Details of the squad are as per the attached list.
I wish to thank all those players who have “put their hand up” to be included in the tour and if unfortunately you have not made the squad I ask that you consider joining the touring party as a supporter.

Whether a player or supporter the club needs to know whether or not you wish to join the tour as there is a massive about of planning to be undertaken in preparation for the tour and to that end I ask that you either contact me on 0418 438882 or register for the tour on the front of the website, “Book Now N.Z. Tour” icon as soon as possible.

Steve Broughton-Rouse
Club Coach

Baa Baas Invitational Letter

Touring Squad